New week, new plan.

These last few days have not been goal friendly. I went to the gym once in the last week. The extent of my cardio was chasing people through a maze at a haunted house dressed up as a clown. Thankfully (?), there’s still some heat at night here in Phoenix so, coupled with the chasing, I broke a decent sweat both nights. Halloween is basically my Christmas so this weekend was filled with a lot of treats. Saturday was my cousin’s birthday party so birthday cake and cookies were limitless. Monday (Halloween) there was a potluck at work so more goodies to be eaten. To top it off, I was house sitting and my friends’ have a junk food cabinet that I can never resist. I skipped grocery shopping so today was full of random food with zero health benefits. Needless to say the scale was not my friend this morning. Tomorrow is a new day and I am a woman with a plan…

It was slow at work tonight so I spent my down time working out my meal plan for the next few days. I used the meal plan provided to me by Sarah Bowmar; I won a custom plan through her Instagram a couple of weeks ago. Everything was logged using MyFitnessPal and tomorrow I will hit the grocery store. The plan I won includes a custom macro calculator, a detailed meal plan, and a DIY meal plan. Even though the meal plan provided was an excellent starting point, I did end up adjusting for foods I enjoy and making sure I included a special treat, Halo Top Birthday Cake, daily so I would have something to look forward to.

Breakfast will be pretty simple with eggs/whites and hash browns. Pre and post workout with be a combo of raisins, yogurt, bananas, and PEScience Select protein powder. Lunch and dinner will alternate between skirt steak and broccoli with Caribbean Jerk marinade and chicken with cauliflower. I found a Lemon Dill marinade on that I will be trying out with the chicken. I’m hoping being a bit more creative with my sauces will keep my meals appealing after the first couple of days. I plan and prep but after day 2 I’m usually over whatever I made, especially chicken. This is also why I’m only planning ahead 3 days. Tomorrow, I think I will plan for the following 3 days so I that I can shop/prep on Friday.

Along with my meals, I have my workouts mapped out for the next three days.

Wednesday: Back/Biceps/Cardio

Thursday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Friday: Legs/Abs

My goal for this week is to start stretching/foam rolling everyday, specifically following my workouts. I did this last after my one workout and it did feel nice. A while back I was told about Yoga with Adriene and subscribed to her YouTube channel but I have not actually done one of her workouts. My plan is to do this in the morning between my workout and going to work.

So that’s where I am at this point. I have my plan, next comes the execution.